Emotional Health for Companies – Online Course

Behind Every Good Decision,
There is Good Emotional Management

Most of an organization’s success is linked to the management of the employee’s feelings and beliefs

Why take the course?

Discover the emotional origin of your employee’s conflicts and increase the productivity and competitive value of your organization

Improve the emotional stability and the ability to resolve conflicts in the company

Teach people to manage autonomously and take responsibility for their health and well-being

Identify repetitive emotions and behaviors and improve the health of your employees

Increase the level of self-awareness and emotional self-control and improve the communication skills of the teams

The Course

Each employee can manage their own learning, according to their rhythm and interest, always accompanied by an Emotional Health Expert

2 months
4 hours a week
Total flexibility of schedules

100% online
Access the course
from any device

Stress Management and Emotional Regulation Strategies

– Identify situations of emotional stress at specific moments in our work environment.

– Acquire self-knowledge and self-awareness about the peculiarities of behavioral and emotional reactions.

– Learn resources and actions to be implemented in situations of emotional imbalance.

Discovering Your Potential: Beliefs and Motivation

– Identify the unconscious beliefs that sustain your emotional imbalance.

– Explore your emotional difficulties and learn to approach them from new perspectives.

– Develop capacities and empowering behaviors that favor personal transformation in difficult environments.

Learning and Transformation Opportunities

– Develop self-awareness, atentional capabilities, and handling difficult conversations at the workplace

– Problem solving and development of team communication skills.

– Self-regulation and management about the projections of our experiences on others.

Family and Business: Repeated Roles

– Identify relational patterns and repetitive relationships given in the company, inherited from our family.

– Transform the needs and childish demands projected in others.

– Strengthen limiting facets and improve emotional skills.

The Bioneuroemoción Methodology

Bioneuroemoción® focuses on thought inversion: moving from the perception of external circumstances as the cause of our problems, to understanding the responsibility we have when problems appear, to learn how to manage them.

The method is developed in 4 phases:



Work on a specific stress situation and detect non-adaptive behavior



Find the unconscious thoughts that make us react to stress



Track individual filters and learn how to perform in each specific conflict



Seek the association between situations of difficulty experienced personally with those of our family history

Scientific Rigor

At the end of the training, the managers of the company will obtain an emotional diagnosis to measure the impact of the course on the health and productivity of the organization

  • Decrease levels of psychosocial risks

  • Decrease levels of burnout

  • Increase levels of emotional competences

  • Increase levels of psychological well-being and quality of life

This report will allow the board to know: emotional habits, behavioral trends, limiting beliefs of your team, and many other factors.

A turning point to improve productivity
and get a consistent competitive advantage

An effective methodology

Bioneuroemoción® is contrasted by more than 22,000 people around the world.
Its effectiveness is recognized by:

Emotionally healthier organizations create more positive realities for themselves and the world

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